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Captain's Choice

Signature Blend

A masterful blend, medium-roasted to perfection

Medium Roast

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Captain's Choice, voted among the top 10 coffees in the USA, is a masterful blend, medium-roasted to perfection. It strikes a harmonious balance between the deep richness of dark roast and the vibrant notes of medium roast Arabica beans. Begin each morning with this nationally-recognized coffee, setting the tone for a day of success and vitality. It's not just a coffee; it's a testament to excellence, truly deserving of its champion title.

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Store whole coffee beans in a cool, dark place in an airtight container and grind only before brewing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 187 reviews
Tony D.
Great Experience

Great online experience with perfect coffee delivered faster than expected.

Captains Choice

We get this one for our daughter who loves it. Another excellent blend.

Mary A.
Cup of delicious!

We keep ordering Savannah coffee delivered to our home in NY ever since our first cup while visiting that pretty city!

Tony M.
Great Coffee n Services In One Place

Living in Birmingham, we have 4 2-lb bags of the Captains Chouce blend shipped to us and we never have an issue. YOU should try it.

Mack S.
My favorite

I received Captain's Choice as a gift, and have enjoyed it and other coffees from Savannah Coffee Roasters ever since then. It is tasty without harshness and has a very pleasant aftertaste. Every evening, I measure 3 tumblers of water (7 1/2 cups), then set my grinder on the scale and measure 2 oz of beans. They are ground fine and used to make the coffee the following morning in a drip coffee maker. The brew is transferred to a premium thermos to be enjoyed until afternoon. No K-cups to the dump, only coffee filter and grounds, I only wait for my coffee once in the morning, otherwise it is truly instant.

Captain's Choice - Regular / Whole Bean / 12oz