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Brazil Cerados

Single Origin

Velvety undertones of buttery chocolate intertwined with hints of almond

Medium Roast

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Brazil, the world's leading coffee producer, boasts an extensive array of beans, and our selection is a testament to this abundance. We exclusively choose the Natural Process, sun-dried Catuai varietals, cultivated with care on quaint farms nestled in the verdant landscapes of Minas Gerais. Roasted to City+, we've pinpointed the optimal roast level that accentuates the smoothness and well-rounded nature of this coffee. While it stands as a splendid, harmoniously balanced cup on its own, this bean also graces many of our signature blends. As you savor each sip, anticipate the velvety undertones of buttery chocolate intertwined with hints of almond.

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Store whole coffee beans in a cool, dark place in an airtight container and grind only before brewing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mack S.
Another great coffee

This is the one that’s like the coffee served at all-right diners. You know the one that uses heavy white stout cups. They have the coffee urn behind the counter with a postit that shows when it was brewed. Assertive and satisfying.

Laura L.
Brazil cerados

Best coffee. Roasted perfectly. So hard to find so I order from Ohio after we found it while living in Savannah. No one else compares

Very fresh taste

this coffee is delicious. Not bitter, just fresh, bright taste.

Kelly L.
Bold and tasty!

My husband picked this when we visited from Wisconsin. He likes a bolder coffee, I don't. This is the perfect blend for us both. I couldn't believe it wasn't THE favorite. Out of this world! I craved it the following day. Look forward to trying others, too. Great find! Thanks!

Marie P.
Perfect 'first time' roast

Whenever I introduce my friends to Savannah Coffee Roasters, I usually offer them this blend. It's bold enough for people who like a darker roast, but not too bold for those who enjoy medium or light roasts. Very flavorful. Everyone loves it!

Brazil Cerados - Regular / Whole Bean / 12oz