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Peru Organic

Single Origin

A fruity brew, characterized by its light body and invigorating brightness

Dark Roast

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Experience a symphony of flavors with this fruity brew, characterized by its light body and invigorating brightness. As a certified organic selection, it caters to the refined palate of the discerning coffee aficionado. We take pride in roasting this gem in limited batches, meticulously calibrating the temperature to safeguard its intrinsic quality and the intricate balance of its flavors. For an elevated tasting experience, pair it with your cherished chocolate dessert and let the harmonious dance of flavors enchant your senses.

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Store whole coffee beans in a cool, dark place in an airtight container and grind only before brewing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Always love their coffee. Plantation blend is one of my favorites.


Coffee beans are very fresh and smell incredible. One of the best coffees I've ever had. Delicious!

Shirley D.
Coffee review.

February 2019 we visited Savanna GA. Your coffee shop came up as highly recommended. I now order the Peruvian organic. I get very excited when my coffee arrives. If I have to tolerate Michigan winters at least I can always have a great cup of coffee.

Shirley D.
Peruvian organic coffee

We visited Savanna in February and looked online for best coffee. We tried a few different stores but yours was by far Savannas best coffee. We cannot find coffee beans as good as yours.

Gift of Peru Organic

I have made a friend for life since I gave the coffee as a gift.

Peru Organic - Regular / Whole Bean / 12oz