Savannah Coffee Roasters not only serves and sells the best coffee, (absolutely fresh and delicious), They have a killer bakery and phenomenal lunch choices!! The space is beautiful and relaxing!! Lori Collins is Fabulous!!

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Marianne Ganem Poppell

Absolutely loved the coffee (which I’ve been grinding and brewing at home), but the space is wonderful! Spacious, inviting, comfortable. Downtown is lucky to have SCRC

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Carol Kirchner

Owner , Ideal Feet

The Annual Taste of Downtown Business Connection

There are many great events to talk about in Savannah but one that stands out the most is this years 15th Annual Taste of Downtown Business Connection. It is held at the famous Johnson Square, the oldest and largest square in Savannah surrounded by some of the most...

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Savannah Coffee Roasters

Happy February! Savannah Coffee Roasters is trusting that everyone is warm in this frigid weather.  Wouldn’t it be fun if it snowed? Hopefully you show your love all year long, but it is that time of year when people put out a bit more effort to share their...

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